What you learn

  • Control your mind states
  • Optimize five core mental skills
  • Switch to productive perspectives
  • Engage your positive emotions


  • Are you ready to go all-in with your mental fitness?
  • Can you dedicate time to your mental fitness the way you dedicate time to physical fitness?
  • Are you eager to take your performance and mental health to the next level?

If yes, our complete Flow 255 resources are at your disposal with our Pro Package.

The Flow Platform

The platform can be thought of as an online mental fitness gym with four main areas to get your reps in:

  • Check in at your Dashboard. This is where you get a quick overview of your status and progress, you can resume where you left off, and you can navigate to all other areas. You’ll also find our Flow.AI tool here and it will customize your Flow 255 experience based on your type of day, mood, mental fitness test scores, and platform activity.
  • Quantify your level in our Assess area with mental fitness tests and analytics. Our SPE-20™ questionnaire will provide you with a deeper look into the three domains of your mental fitness: skills, perspectives, and positive emotions. You can also see the test results and advanced stats in a graphical analytics dashboard.
  • Put in your mental fitness work in the Acquire area. Choose from over 100 mind-body workouts and mind flows and customizes your efforts to your preferences and goals with filters that include body area, mental skills, and level.
  • Take your skills to life and competition in our Apply area. Listen to over 40 audio guides that help you in your morning, evening, preparation, and recovery routines, or use our video series that show you how to integrate mental techniques to optimize your performance when you compete.

You’ll even find platform playlists in your profile that give you multi-week programs that include training, transfers to life, and integrations into your competition.

The Core Courses

In our core courses, you will learn from experts in the field who have taught nationally-ranked junior athletes and professionals. You will get access to audio clips, videos, physical and mental exercises, and quizzes. Each course will help you get a better understanding of how your mind and body interact throughout your day and your performance. As such, the core courses are the ideal companion to our Flow 255 platform.

In the Pro Package you’ll find the full core course bundle:

  • Explore Your Mind – Learn how to control your mind and use it as a powerful tool when you are under pressure. You will learn how to identify and change your mind states to help you excel in any situation. This is the foundational course that will lay the foundation for achieving your full potential.
  • Build Your Mind – Learn five core mental skills that are essential for optimal performance and well-being in any situation. These skills are realize, relax, reason, revise, and refocus. You will learn how to use these skills to boost your mental health and performance. You will also learn how to practice these skills regularly and effectively.
  • Empower Your Mind – Learn five mental perspectives and positive emotions that, when paired with your mental skills, can transform your life. These perspectives are gratitude, celebration, passion, open-mind, and belonging. You will learn how to cultivate these perspectives and emotions in your daily life and experience more joy, meaning, and fulfillment in any situation.

Our courses were built with a high-end e-learning system that was fully customized to optimize your experience.

Who can benefit from our Pro Package?

  • Anyone who is ready to take a deep dive into mental fitness
  • Anyone with an interest in developing their mental skills in actual workouts
  • Anyone who performs under pressure whether it’s in sports or in life (all of us!)
  • Injured athletes looking to improve their mental skills while physically recovering
  • Suitable for 13 years old and up

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  • Mobile device or desktop
  • Space and mat for workouts

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