• Uniquely qualified coaches
  • Use analytics to drive impact
  • Optimize personal goals
  • Personalize training playlists


Get access to our top coaches with our premium personal coaching. Premium coaches consist of psychologists and doctorate-level performance coaches with 5+ years of relevant experience. We even provide flexible appointments across time zones so you can use this guidance pack for preview and review sessions during tournaments and events.

The coaches that provide premium support can not only guide your use of 2Mynds’ Flow 255® system, but can drive your development with provocative analyses and profound insights.

Some of the key activities the 2Mynds coaches will help you with:

  • Asses your mental fitness
  • Interpret your mental fitness test results
  • Plan next steps for assessing, acquiring, and applying mental fitness
  • Create personalized playlists for activities
  • Assist in execution of workouts
  • Plan performance events
  • Review performance events

Our services do not include clinical counseling. However, we do collaborate with a network of clinical and sports psychologists, so if you are looking for a good resource, please inquire with us and we may be able to connect you with someone who is not only a good fit but who also uses our Flow 255® system for workouts to support clinical or sports psychology goals.


  • Access to one of our Flow 255 resources
  • Older than 13 or supervised by parent

Our premium support

Surprise someone with a gift of mental fitness!
Surprise someone with a gift of mental fitness!
  • Doctorate-level coaches
  • In any time zone
  • Flexible timing
  • English, Dutch, German, Japanese