What you learn

  • Perform under pressure
  • Become more present
  • Stress-tolerant mental skills
  • Control your emotions


  • Do you want to make your mental skills resilient to pressure and reach your full potential?
  • Would you like the ability to train your mind anywhere and on your time?
  • Are you ready for a truly unique system that improves your performance and well-being with a method that works when it counts?

If yes, the Flow 255 platform subscription is for you! With this subscription, you will have the most comprehensive platform available for enhancing your mental fitness and well-being at your fingertips!

What you will find inside

The platform can be thought of as an online mental fitness gym with four main areas to get your reps in:

  1. Check in at your Dashboard. This is where you get a quick overview of your status and progress, you can resume where you left off, and you can navigate to all other areas. You’ll also find our Flow.AI tool here and it will customize your Flow 255 experience based on your type of day, mood, mental fitness test scores, and platform activity.
  2. Quantify your level in our Assess area with mental fitness tests and analytics. Our SPE-20™ questionnaire will provide you with a deeper look into the three domains of your mental fitness: skills, perspectives, and positive emotions. You can also see the test results and advanced stats in a graphical analytics dashboard.
  3. Put in your mental fitness work in the Acquire area. Choose from over 100 mind-body workouts and mind flows and customizes your efforts to your preferences and goals with filters that include body area, mental skills, and level.
  4. Take your skills to life and competition in our Apply area. Listen to over 40 audio guides that help you in your morning, evening, preparation, and recovery routines, or use our video series that show you how to integrate mental techniques to optimize your performance when you compete.

You’ll even find platform playlists in your profile that give you multi-week programs that include training, transfers to life, and integrations into your competition. Interested? Take your mind and body to the next level by subscribing now to the Flow 255 platform!

Who can benefit from this platform?

  • Anyone with an interest in actively improving and maintaining their mental fitness
  • Anyone who performs under pressure in sports or life
  • Injured athletes looking to improve their mental skills while physically recovering
  • Suitable for 13 years old and up

Meet your trainers

Your workouts will be led by experts in the field who have taught professional and nationally-ranked (junior) athletes.


  • Mobile device or desktop
  • Space and mat for workouts

Start your 30-day free trial!

Surprise someone with a gift of mental fitness!
Surprise someone with a gift of mental fitness!
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  • Complete routine building
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